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The Lake County Forest Preserve District offers expertly guided, hands-on school and scout programs throughout Lake County. In addition to field trips, we’ll also come to your school with our in-school programs.

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In addition to Ryerson Woods many programs are now available at Greenbelt Cultural Center.

Game plan for our school programs:

  • Address Illinois State Learning Standards
  • Customize to fit your needs
  • Offer hands-on learning
  • Feature experts, local historians and naturalists
  • Incorporate science, social studies, history and language arts
  • Design programs to fit your grade/age level
  • Offer convenient locations and schedules to minimize bus transport
  • Affordable programs

Featured Programs

  • Historic image of Libertyville

    We come to you! Explore the development of Lake County from the last Ice Age through present day as Museum educators guide you along the way.

    Call 847-968-3321 to reserve this program.

    45 minutes
    $60 first program ($80 out of county), $40 additional programs ($55 out of county)
  • Oppossum

    What do playing dead and cheek pouches have in common? Both are adaptations animals use for survival. Students search for camouflaged animals during an outdoor walk. A variety of animal skins show how well wildlife is suited for its habitat. Outdoor activities illustrate unique behavioral adaptations.

    Save 25% on this program between December and February, during school hours.

    This program is primarily offered at Ryerson Woods and Greenbelt Cultural Center. It is also offered at the following locations on the dates specified:

    Sept-Feb, Apr-early Jun at Ryerson Woods. For availability at other sites, see listings above.
    1 ½ hours
    $48 ($86 out of county)
  • Animals of Lake County

    This program is a great introduction or review for your unit on animal groups. Using fun riddles, animal study skins and live animals, your students classify common Lake County animals based on their unique physical features. 


    Nov-early Apr
    45 minutes
    $60 first program ($80 out of county), $40 additional programs ($55 out of county)
  • Mastodon, photo by Jess Smith

    Find out about the magnificent mammals that lived in Lake County during the last Ice Age.

    Call 847-968-3321 to reserve this program.

    1 hour
    $38 ($76 out of county)